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Eaton Power Xpert Meter 2270 - Power monitoring unit (plug-in module) - AC 90-265 V - Ethernet 10/100, RS-485
Eaton's Power Xpert 2000 Meters offer comprehensive world-class power and energy measurement and monitoring that reduce day-to-day operating costs and help avoid costly business interruptions. The series combines state-of-the-art technology with harmonic viewing, data trending, and performance benchmarking.
- Monitors circuit loading to help avoid overloads and nuisance overload trips and maximize equipment utilization
- Manages energy utilization to help reduce peak demand charges and power factor penalties as well as identify excessive energy consumption
- Embedded web server allows users to see demand comparisons, trends, record waveforms, and harmonics directly in the web browser
- Permanently installed meters support continuous, non-disruptive monitoring
- Graphical comparison views dramatically improve the ability to benchmark energy usage
- Digital inputs and relay outputs can be programmed to interact during various conditions defined by the user
- Triggers and events can be easily tied into the meter's standard functions, such as e-mail, logs and trends
- Analog outputs can be programmed to emulate any measured meter parameter for output to other remote monitoring systems
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