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Marketing Description The Dominion SX II is Raritan’s serial console server that provides IT and network administrators secure IP access and control of serial devices, anytime, anywhere. The SX II is powerful, secure, reliable, easy-to-use serial-over-IP device on the market. SX II provides convenient access to networking devices, servers, PDUs, telecommunications and other serial devices. Product Features Serial console experience built into an advanced platform Starting with a powerful hardware platform providing performance, reliability and security, the SX II includes virtually all the serial-over-IP features of its predecessor, plus exciting capabilities. The ultimate in performance, reliability, security, manageability and productivity With the Dominion SX II, you can productively access, monitor and control a wide range of serial devices - networking switches/routers/firewalls, servers, power equipment, telecommunications gear and virtually any device with a serial port. It's a great platform that is easy to install, convenient to use and a snap to manage. Choose the SX II for the ultimate in performance, reliability, security, manageability and productivity. Full CLI-based configuration and auto-configuration The SX II offers complete CLI access and management via SSH, web-browser, with convenient direct port access methods. Two script-based automatic configuration methods (TFTP server and USB stick) are available for fast installation and configuration changes. At-the-rack access With the Dominion SX II, you get multiple types of local access at-the-rack.
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